Volleyball is a sport played by two teams with a ball on a rectangular playing field separated by a net. The play area is rectangular and it includes the court (divided into two sectors of 9 m over 9 m, 18 m in total, separated by a net and delimited by lines which are part of the playing field). The net is placed at the height of 2.43m, at the upper side, for male matches, and of 2.24m for female matches.

Most important tournaments :

World League

World League implicates the world’s strongest teams. It has no qualification procedure. Teams are invited to participate directly by FIVB.

World Championship

This is a tour of national teams, awarding the title of world champion of the winner country, and is played every 4 years.

Markets :


With this type of game one may bet on the final result. Volleyball cannot have a draw, so the two possibilities are the following:

1= Victory for the host team (indicated in the left)

2= Victory for the guest team (indicated in the right).

Midas Touch&Bet - Self Service Betting System

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