Rugby is a team sport also known as the sport with the oval ball, due to the ball which is being used. Each team is formed of 15 players, it is played on a rectangular playing field, the oval ball weighs almost 400g; the purpose of the game is to bring and beat the ball over the goal line.

Each goal has a 5-point score, plus the possible transformation, which consists in the placed hit, where the ball must exceed the upper part of the goal pillars that are H-shaped; if the score is obtained, it is increased by 2 other points, for a total of 7 points, if the hit is not successful, there remain only 5 points; there are two more ways to obtain points:  drop-goal and penalty kick; in both cases, the ball must pass over the upper part of the pillars. If it is succeeded in both cases, the score is of 3 points.

Most important tournaments :

World Cup

The rugby World Cup represents the most important international competition of rugby for male national teams; the winner of the tournament is the proud holder of the title of world champion for the following four years after the victory.

Six Nations

The Six Nation tournament is the most important international rugby tournament at 15, in the northern hemisphere. It is organized every year, and the Italian national team wan, on February 5, 2000 against Scotland.

Three Nations

It is also an annual tournament organized entirely in the southern hemisphere, as its protagonists are the national teams of Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.


Markets :


With this type of game, one may bet on the final result. The three options are the classical ones: victory for the host team (indicated in the left side), tie, victory for the host team (indicated in the right side).


This type of game allows the player to bet on the final result considering a start handicap. The handicap is represented by a number of points added to or deduced from the total number of points accumulated during the match by a certain team.


This type of game allows players to bet on the final result with handicap. For 1 2 Handicap bets, one must choose the team deemed to obtain the biggest score, by adding or deducing the value of the handicap to the final result.


Consists in identifying the number of points in a match. The possibilities are:

>1 - Less than x goals

>2 - More than x goals

Midas Touch&Bet - Self Service Betting System

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