Formula 1


Formula One (F1) is the most important category of car racing managed by the International Automobile Federation (FIA). The objective of the participating automobile houses is to win the world title for pilots and manufacturers. Each team may count on a maximum number of two cars per race.

F1 consists in a large number of prizes carried out everywhere in the world. In order to reach the podium, the participating cars have the objective to cross the finish line in the shortest time possible. Every grand prix (big prize) is preceded by a session of qualification tests to set the departure positions. The first classified will therefore depart in pole position on the race day, which has the average duration of 60 laps.

The cars have only one seat and uncovered wheels and the engine is installed centrally and at the back, with minimum weight, including the pilot, of 620 kg. Several modifications and innovations have been operated on the cars during the years. Every engine must resist for almost 800 km and for over a decade the leadless gasoline is the fuel that is being used.

Most important races :

This is the great prize of Monaco Principality and takes place on the Monte Carlo circuit. The sinuous and unique road makes it the most fascinating in the world.

The Monza motor racing track is the only stage of the world championships in Italy after the closing of the Imola one in 2006. It is among the oldest race tracks in the world. The last victory of an Italian pilot was in 1966, when Scarfiotti was the first to pass by the diamond flag.

On the English circuit of Silverstone in 1950 was the first race of the world championship of Formula One, and is the official grand prix of Great Britain.

Markets :


With this game one may bet on the winner of a Grand Prix. One must therefore guess which pilot will cross first the diamond flag after finishing the number of laps of the race.


With the placed bet one must indicate whether a pilot will finish the race on one of the first three positions.


This game allows the selection of the winner out of two pilots. The results will be set based on the official classification; if both pilots do not finish the race, the number of completed laps will establish the winner from the two. If both pilots complete the same number of laps, but they do not finish the race, the bet will be considered null before the direct adversary.

This game refers to the qualification session, which takes place one day before the race.
Aiming at pole position, it is indicated which of the pilots will be faster during the session, placing himself on the first position in the departure grid on the race day.


With this type of game, one may bet on which of the pilots will perform the fastest tour during a race.
Subsequent qualifications or withdrawals are not taken into consideration.

NB: this game refers to Grand Prix, and not to qualifications.


This type of game predicts which pilot will succeed in completing 90% of the tours made by the winner of the race.

The warm-up tour must not be taken into account for setting bets.

A maximum of 5 selections per Classified/Unclassified will be accepted for every bet.


This type of game will allow betting on which of the pilots will withdraw first, regardless of the cause or reason of withdrawal. If more than one pilot is eliminated during the same incident, the tie rule applies.

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