Street cycling is the most popular and the most watched competition for this sport. The rules of the game are simple. Cyclers leave at the same time and have the purpose to pass the finish line first.
The competitions are usually divided in: stage races and timing races.

In stage races, the time accumulated in every leg is summed up. The winner will be the cycler who, at the end of all the legs, will have obtained the least time. All cyclers are ordered to finish all the legs under the sanction of being disqualified. Timing races are dry races, based on speed on a predetermined route.

The great tours (Tour de France, Tour of Italy and Vuelta) are carried out, generally, in 20-22 legs and draw most of the fans. World street cycling championships take place every year at the end of September.

Most important competitions :

Tour de France

Since 1903, it has been the most important encounter of street cycling. The cyclers compete for the famous yellow T-shirt.

Tour of Italy
It is the cycling race that takes place every year along the Italian streets. The famous pink T-shirt is worn by the winner. The first edition dates since 1909.

La Vuelta

The race is organized in Spain, and the leader of the general classification wears the red T-shirt. This race does not include mountain roads and it is much more suitable for the springy ones.



The general classification represents the sum of the times achieved in every leg by a cycler. This type of game allows players to bet on the winner of a round.

This bet is dedicated to the "king of the mountain", namely to the most skilled cycler on climbing roads. The cycler is usually awarded a special T-shirt (with white dots, in Tour de France).

One may bet on the cycler who will win the biggest number of points during the race. Points are won by placements and victories in different stages.


In this game, the winner of the junior category is appointed. The classification is parallel to the general one, destined to cyclers aged up to 25.

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