Basketball is a "team sport" invented in 1891 by a Canadian, James A. Naismith. The purpose of the two formations, constituted of five players each, is to score into the opponents’ basket and impede the other team to gain possession of the ball or score points. The ball may be passed, thrown or dribbled in any direction, in the limits allowed by the regulation.
Each team has an unlimited number of changes to allow the use of all the players available on the bench. A basketball game starts with a ball thrown towards two players, when a player, for each team, is called to jump to win the ball thrown upwards by the referee.
The basketball court is rectangular and observes the requirements set by Fiba: 28 meters over 15 meters. The hoop (basket) is at 3 meters and 5 centimeters high above the court. The arch of the three-point line is at the distance of 6.25 meters from the basket in Europe, while in NBA (National Basketball Association), it is at the distance of 7.25 meters. The edge is at the distance of 5.8 meters from the basket.

Most important tournaments :

The main professional league in the United States of America and Canada, as well as the most competitive.

The biggest competition at European level, in which participate the best clubs of the old continent.

Since 1936, basketball has been an Olympic game. Nowadays, 12 national teams participate.

World tour

The tournament organized every four years, awarding the Naismith Trophy. The first world championship took place in 1950 in Argentina. 24 countries participated.

Markets :


We are considering the classical game, which stipulates the victory of one of the two teams, host and guests, or a draw.

In case of X, the draw is called at the end of the regular time. Extra time is therefore excluded.


Under and Over is the classical game on the score totalized by both teams during the regular time, without considering the extra time.

Possibilities are:

> 1 - Less than x points

> 2 - More than x points

The Under and Over threshold varies considerably depending on the championship on which it is bet.


In Basketball, the handicap is always given to the host team. If the host team is considered favorite, certain points will be then deduced (-), and vice-versa, it will be awarded points of advantage (+). Stanleybet assesses the number of points to be taken or given to the host team.

The possibilities are:

1 = Victory for the host team

2 = Victory for the guest team

In this game, the VICTORY MARGIN must be indicated, that is, the number of points of difference with which a team will win the match.
There are several possibilities to choose with every 5 points of difference against the other.

1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20, 21-25, ≥26


The possibilities are:

1X, X2, 12

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